Happy Easter! Good Friday Nails

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Happy Easter! Good Friday Nails

I’ve seen a lot of bunny and chick nails over the last few weeks, but these don’t really say Easter to me at all. Spring, sure, but Easter is about more than that! As a Christian, Easter for me is about the death of Jesus and his resurrection 3 days later. So I’ve got two sets of Easter nails to show you – one for today, Good Friday, when we commemorate Jesus being crucified, and then on Easter Sunday I’ve got “He is Risen” nails.

good-friday-easter-nails (3)I wanted these to look like a sunset, and I started with a picture of one. The gradient base is made up of:

Collection 2000 Sherbet Lemons
Color Club Sparkle and Soar
Rimmel Tangerine Queen
Revlon Spice It Up

The foreground is painted on freehand with Nails Inc New York Noir. The matt topcoat is SO Matt by Bourjois.

good-friday-easter-nails (1)

good-friday-easter-nails (4)

The observant among you will spot these are shorter nails than you usually see on this blog. I’ve been trying to find false nails that are practical for every day wear and I picked up this pack on eBay for no more than I usually pay for my long ones. They come loose in the packet and after several attempts at sticking them to things to paint them I caved and bought these fabulous foam moulds that I just stick the nails to and la voila. These are a little bit flimsy but they do the job much better than anything else I’ve come up with! I use stickers to attach them to my nails and they’re good for a few days. Who says false nails aren’t practical?

good-friday-easter-nails (2)


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