The Neverending Pile Challenge: Indie

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: Indie

If you’ve seen any of my posts from the challenge so far you’ll know that I’ve mostly posted Indies so far. Finding another Indie for today’s prompt was not difficult. But I was determined to use something a bit different. So I have another Nelly Polish for you today and a brand that has never been posted on this blog before: WRK Nails.

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-april-18th-indie-WRK-nelly-polish (2)

Last year I had a No-Buy November. On the first of December I bought All The Polish as a reward for doing so well. There were a whole bunch of sales still floating about and I picked up two glitter toppers from WRK Fireworks collection. This is Boomer. They’re quite similar to Models Own Fireworks, which I like the look of but not enough to actually buy any –  like so many of the untrieds in my stash, I’m just not sure what to do with it!

I did manage to use this polish in some jewellery I made for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I was halfway through this manicure when I remembered that I layered it over Tara’s Talons Strength. In this post I’ve used a Claire’s Accessories peach polish as the accent nail, and this fab purple glitter is another of my Nelly Polish samples.

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-april-18th-indie-WRK-nelly-polish (5)

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-april-18th-indie-WRK-nelly-polish (4)I wasn’t really sure what else I could add to this design – I think the top coat works well enough on its own. In order to make the most of all the glitter it needs to go over something complementary but not too contrasting – this makes this quite a tough polish to match. But I’ve now found at least three polishes that this goes with. Perhaps it will see more use yet!

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-april-18th-indie-WRK-nelly-polish (1)

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-april-18th-indie-WRK-nelly-polish (3)Check out the other posts from today’s theme: Indie

The next theme on Monday 21st April is Drugstore. Why not join in?

neverending pile challenge

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  1. Love this glitter and the colour combo is gorgeous too! Yay for UKindies!

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