Happy Easter! He is Risen!

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Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Happy Easter Sunday! Today I’ve got my left hand to show you – you don’t see that on here too often! This is the other hand of my Easter manicure – I posted the right hand on Friday. I’ve had lots of lovely comments about these all weekend. I’ve had to replace my stickers a few times, particularly on my thumbnails which seem to see a lot of abuse. But all in all, I like these stickers way more than glue. They seem to be much better for my nails and they last about as long. The shape of these nails is lovely!

easter-sunday-nail-polish-art (1)

To follow my Good Friday nails and their sunset theme I’ve got a sunrise theme for Easter Sunday – the dawn of a new day and a new way of thinking – essentially the birth of Christianity. Because while Jesus died two days ago, he didn’t stay dead. He came back to life and then disappeared off to heaven a few weeks after that. That’s a pretty awesome trick!

I struggled a little bit with this gradient – the very thing that worked for me last week when I put three colours in a gradient and they all bled together and formed other colours was a problem for this design because I ended up with a green sky! I did this gradient in little bits to get around that. I started with a base of Cloudless Sky by George, and then sponged on white in the middle and a mixture of Barry M Caramel and Barry M Mocha towards the bottom. After that had dried I added some Nails Inc Notting Hill Carnival over the horizon and a little more Cloudless Sky towards the top. I added the detail in with Barry M Mushroom. It’s all finished off with a clear topcoat from George.

easter-sunday-nail-polish-art (2)

easter-sunday-nail-polish-art (3)

I love the image of the empty cross and this sunny sky as a juxtaposition to the grief that everyone must have been feeling at the end of Friday when those sorry, lifeless bodies would have been taken down. Easter Sunday is about hope – for resurrection of things that were dead, of redemption from the things that we’ve done wrong and finally of reconciliation with a God that loves us and wants us to be happy! Okay, I’ll stop waxing lyrical now. I just get a bit excited at this time of year. (And I haven’t had a single Easter egg yet!)  Easter Sunday means more to me than Christmas, in terms of Christian festivals. I was up VERY early this morning for an outdoor service down at my local lake, followed by bacon sandwiches and a “regular” Easter Sunday service, and then my family all came over for lunch. It was a bit like Christmas, except without all the stress of present wrapping. 😉

I hope you’ve had a fabulous Easter and spent it with people that you love. I’ll see you tomorrow for more untrieds in the Neverending Pile Challenge!


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