The Neverending Pile Challenge: Drugstore

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: Drugstore

We don’t really have drugstores here in the UK, so I had to interpret this one a little bit. In this context, I’m figuring what the Americans call a drugstore we would call a pharmacy. A big one like Boots or Superdrug that sell all your toiletries as well as just prescription medication etc. This means to me cheap polish, or at least relatively inexpensive. So I’ve gone for Miss Sporty. I think I picked up these two polishes along with a third for £5. These are not at all expensive. Miss Sporty has a bit of a reputation for being a young person brand rather than a serious one for buying your make up from, but I got these colours because I was trying to match them to a dress at the time and these were the closest I could find. I have apparently used them once before but it was very subtle!

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-drugstore-miss-sporty (2)

I think it’s a bit of a shame that Miss Sporty don’t put their polish names on their bottles. When you’re looking at all their shiny colours in the shop they do all have exciting names but they only put numbers on the bottles. These are 160 (red) and 330 (teal.)

I took my inspiration for these nails from a wheel I did aaages ago. I thought it would be fun to split the design in half and then have a central nail where they line up. The stripes and the spots are all stamped from MoYou Pro XL plate 1 using the same two Miss Sporty polishes. The spots didn’t come out quite as well as I’d have liked so I added some gems from a Cheeky wheel to cover them up a little! The top coat is Color Club clear (which is rapidly running out on me.)

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-drugstore-miss-sporty (5)

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-drugstore-miss-sporty (6)

The crossover nail was done using a Cheeky dotting tool and placing a line of spots next to each other over the join in the base colours. I’d forgotten how effective this simple design is!

What “cheap/drugstore” brands have you tried out that you wouldn’t usually go for and why?

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-drugstore-miss-sporty (3)

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-drugstore-miss-sporty (4)

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-drugstore-miss-sporty (1)

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The next prompt on Wednesday 23rd April is Boutique. Why not join in?

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  1. Aww, these are so cute! I’m gonna have to try that cross-over nail sometime mind- so effectively adorable! 😮


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