The Neverending Pile Challenge: Boutique

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: Boutique

Boutique is another theme that seems to need a bit of interpretation. Asking on the Glittah Pirates facebook group, we were given the definition “mass produced indie.” This again seems to mean a heck of a lot so I’m going with “not found on general sale in shops.” Since this excludes about 99.9% of my collection I was down to exactly two polishes. And since one of those is sitting on my partner’s mantelpiece on account of having a broken neck, I was down to one polish. This one.

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-boutique-illamasqua (2)
This is Scarce by Illamasqua. You’d be forgiven for confusing it with Models Own Speckled Eggs polishes – I understand they’re very similar – but this collection came out first. I bought it in a blog sale for about £4 (although it retails for £14.50) because I was curious. I’ve heard about this brand but never tried it. I’ve worn this polish a few times but struggled to think of a design to put it in, until I thought of doing a chevron/ruffian. The ruffian didn’t come out quite as delicately as perhaps it should have done, but I was pleased enough with it! The black polish is Espresso by Barry M, and it’s all top coat with Top Coat and Strengthener from George at Asda.

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-boutique-illamasqua (1)

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-boutique-illamasqua (3)

I like chevrons. You are liable to see a LOT of them this challenge. I use nail vinyls and they’re so simple to use and they look so effective! The butterfly is from a wheel of butterfly fimo slices that I picked in Poundland an age ago. I’ve often said “I’m not a pink person” but I’m so wrong. I am a pink person when it comes to nails. This is a lovely colour! My only complaint about it is that the bottle top doesn’t fit back on squarely – which since the lid is square is a bit of a bummer.

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-boutique-illamasqua (5)

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-boutique-illamasqua (4)
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The next prompt on Friday 25th April is “Had to have it, still haven’t worn it.” Why not join in?

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  2. Your manicures look so wonderful, especially this one!
    I’ve just discovered this blog and I love reading it ❤
    I’m looking forward to see your next article 😉

    Xx julia


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