The Neverending Pile Challenge: Had To Have It, Still Haven’t Worn It

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: Had To Have It, Still Haven’t Worn It

There are a few polishes I could have picked for this prompt – how often do you spend AGES looking for a polish, or looking at a specific polish, and then sit around at home drumming your fingers because you can’t wait for it to arrive, only to then not use it? This is what has happened with this particular polish: Mosaic by W7.

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-had-to-have-it-w7-mosaic (2)

It was December 1st and I had just survived a No-Buy November. I celebrated by buying a load of polish in the final days of Black Friday sales and four polishes from Fragrance Direct that I had been coveting for the whole month – W7 Mosaic, Salt n Pepper, Lava Flow and Metallic Mars. To my shame I don’t think any of them are on the blog. (Apart from a very brief splash of Metallic Mars a few weeks ago, which so doesn’t count.

I thought this polish looked a lot like the sides of a swimming pool. I wasn’t totally sure how to turn this idea into a manicure so I went for applying some striping tape and some lines of E.l.f. Metal Madness, and some fimo fish from a (heart shaped) wheel I picked up in Claire’s Accessories on a mad “10 for £10” offer after Christmas. I thought it would be fun to mattify this design and for that I used Bourjois SO Matt top coat.

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-had-to-have-it-w7-mosaic (1)

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-had-to-have-it-w7-mosaic (3)I do actually have a design sitting around somewhere that I did using Salt n Pepper but I was on a real creative binge at the time and I painted so many designs that I haven’t had time to photograph them all! I daresay they’ll make it here some day.

What polishes do you love but never wear because you can’t quite work out what to do with them?

glittah-pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-had-to-have-it-w7-mosaic (4)

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The next theme on Monday 28th April is Most Expensive. Mine is a very special one! Why not join in?

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