The Neverending Pile Challenge: Most Expensive

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: Most Expensive

I’m not totally clear on whether this prompt means the polish that you spent the most money on, or the polish with the most expensive retail price. I don’t tend to pay a great deal of attention to retail prices, other than to not buy anything that costs over £5, as a rule. Polishes like the Illamasqua one I showed last week (£14.50), or Nails Inc which cost £12 just seem overpriced to me. As a result, I’m amazing at spotting when something is reduced, and I jump on special offers. I keep a spreadsheet of details about my polishes, including how much I paid for them, and somehow the most money I have spent on a single bottle of polish is a mere £6.85. (And even that wasn’t full price!) Hello to Ohana by Tara’s Talons.

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-most-expensive-taras-talons-custom (2)neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-most-expensive-taras-talons-custom (5)

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is Community, which I rave about on a regular basis. That’s because this is a custom bottle of polish that I requested to be exactly the same. I made my mum some jewellery using Community and she asked for the polish. Tara said that Community was a one-off but I could ask for it custom made. So when Mother’s Day came around last month and Tara was having a sale, I ordered four bottles – one for my mum, sister and sister-in-law, and one for me. It’s not *quite* the same as Community, but it’s not far off! I chose the name Ohana, taking inspiration from Lilo & Stitch: “Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-most-expensive-taras-talons-custom (6)

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-most-expensive-taras-talons-custom (4)

I didn’t want to just swatch the polish for this post, but I didn’t want to add too much art either. I wear this polish on my own nails regularly because it’s so lovely just on its own! I tried to stamp some bows but they didn’t really take, so instead I added some white polish and painted the bows on using an unnamed teal polish by Astor.

What’s your opinion on the price of nail polish? Do you think it’s worth spending more than £10 on one?

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-most-expensive-taras-talons-custom (1)

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-most-expensive-taras-talons-custom (3)

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The next theme on Wednesday 30th April is Least Expensive. Why not join in?

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