April Almost-Gig Nails

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April Almost-Gig Nails

As per a usual Gig nails post there are LOTS of pictures in this post!

At the start of March I had three gigs lined up for April. One was sadly cancelled, another fell through because of a change of management at the venue  and shortly after I finished designing these funky nails the final one was cancelled because our drummer fell ill. What are you supposed to do? So I wore these nails out the following day to meet my partner at the cinema and then cut them down short and wore them for a few more days after that. What do you think?


I used this design in the jewellery I made for my sister for Christmas. She was wearing it at my cousin’s wedding at the end of March so I decided to use it for myself too!




This was a fabulously easy design to do. I started with a base of Models Own Obsidian – love that Velvet Goth! I layered it over with Seventeen Graffiti polish in Monochrome. I’m not sure what made me think to put black and white over a black glitter polish but somehow it kind of seems to work. On the accent nail I lined up studs from Roo Beauty in true rock chic style. After all that I still thought something else was needed so I drew some red swirls using Tara’s Talons Ice-Lolly – the ultimate vampy red in my collection! My top coat is from George at Asda.




So I need a bit of help here now – how do you think I should ease my Gig chic into spring? I love wearing dark, vampy, rock chic type stuff but as the weather gets nicer I want to get a bit lighter! I’m not sure pastel will ever be the order of the day but there must be a way to incorporate some colour in somewhere. Please comment and let me know your ideas!

My next gig is on Saturday 17th May at the Coach House in Paignton. If you live in the area I’d love to see you!




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