The Neverending Pile Challenge: Least Expensive

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: Least Expensive

I’m quite good at finding a bargain. I’m also a cheapskate financially efficient. These two combined mean that there are some really, really cheap polishes in my collection. I thought I’d be showing you the All About Nails collection from Tesco which I picked up for a mere 29p each last year but it turns out I have something even cheaper. No, today I have Claire’s Accessories polishes that I bought for a whopping 20p each. (When Claire’s sold off all of their old label bottles at 5 for Ā£1 last year.)

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-least-expensive-claires-accessories (2)

I’m not sure whether this plain silver has been posted before. I’ve posted the holographic silver polish once, therefore it qualifies under my own rules for this challenge (which is underused as well as just unused.) Silver polishes are one of those things that you can never have too many of. They’re great for detailing and I’ve even mixed them with other polishes to make them shiny. But for some reason – probably that I picked this one up about the same time Glamour Magazine were giving away Nails Inc polishes – this little Claire’s Accessories polish has been a bit unloved.

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-least-expensive-claires-accessories (4)

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-least-expensive-claires-accessories (3)

It has been far too long since I did a half moon. I painted my nails the plain silver, waited for it to dry, and stuck on my hole protectors. Then I applied a thick coat of the holographic silver and carefully peeled the hole protectors off. Unfortunately they decided to leave behind a souvenir – half of the sticky stuff. There was no way to remove it so I painted over it with some more silver. I’m not happy. Do hole protectors only work if they’re new? I might have to see about finding some vinyl ones because I don’t think I’ll be using paper again!

There was still something missing. I separated the two silver accents using a paintbrush dipped in Graffiti Nails Jet but it still didn’t look right. Then my eyes alighted on a little bag of fimo slices that came free with an order from Tara’s Talons last week. I added a few of these great little black flowers and sealed everything in with a Rimmel top coat. The flowers totally make this! I love it when something so small and simple can have such a great impact. And they were very inexpensive, since they were free. But I figure that wasn’t the point of this exercise. šŸ˜‰

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-least-expensive-claires-accessories (5)

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-least-expensive-claires-accessories (1)

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The next prompt on Friday 2nd May is a great one – Use As Many Untrieds In One Mani As You Can. Why not join in?

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