The Neverending Pile Challenge: Use As Many Untrieds in One Mani As You Can

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: Use As Many Untrieds in One Mani As You Can

I’ve been looking forward to this challenge. For real, I’ve been thinking about what to do with this for weeks. How often do you pull out lots and lots of different polishes and just throw them all together in one random design? I almost can’t believe I’ve never done it before. This is one heck of a Kitchen Sink design!

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-use-as-many-untrieds (2)Whilst some of these polishes are untrieds that have been sitting in my collection for months, waiting to be picked up, others are just very new. My ring finger is wholly dedicated to new Models Own polishes. If it were any other week I’d have used these already but my emphasis on the under-used lately means they’ve not quite made it onto the blog!

I picked three neutrals and two interesting colours to serve as bases for this design. From thumb to pinky:
Butter London Tea With The Queen
Models Own Coral Glaze
Collection 2000 Mint Mojo
Orly Country Club Khaki
Nails Inc Mortimer Street

That’s five polishes. With me?

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-use-as-many-untrieds (5)

Onto the detailing. On my thumb nail, we have five Color Club polishes from the Take Wing collection (pink down to orange):
Wing Fling
Daisy Does It
Sky High
Fly With Me
Sparkle and Soar

I used Nail Vinyls chevrons and then decided that the gaps were too huge so I added in some freehand chevrons using Graffiti Nails Jet. Add this six to the first five, and we’re up to 11.

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-use-as-many-untrieds (3)

On my index finger I placed some single chevrons, and got to work with a load of top coats that are woefully underused and have been sitting around for much too long:
Nelly Polish Unnamed Green Sample
Nails Inc Sloane Gardens
E.l.f. Chic Confetti
Barry M Liquorice

The details on this finger are filled in with Orly Country Club Khaki, which I’ve already counted. So this nail adds four to the total. That makes 15 in all.

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-use-as-many-untrieds (7)

Middle nail next:  I used more Nail Vinyls single chevrons but placed them the other way up. Three of these polishes I picked up just last week when I was perusing Seventeen and Boots had a 3 for 2. There were so many lush colours in these new mixes that I could barely decide which to get! I suppose I might get some more in the coming weeks because the effects are really cool. From cuticle to tip (0ver the green nail, Mint Mojo):
Seventeen Colour Clash In The Surf
Seventeen Metals Nails Effects Gold
Seventeen Crushed Foils Silver
Pretty (Poundland) Unnamed Graffiti Effect

Detailing is once again Orly Country Club Khaki. Another four polishes added to the total makes 19…

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-use-as-many-untrieds (6)

My ring finger is five of the fabulous Models Own polishes I picked up in their latest 6 for £20 deal. From the tip of the nail to the cuticle, I have:
Beach Bag

This effect over the deep nude polish underneath is so effective that I might do this again over a whole manicure. What do you think? Five plus 19 makes 24 polishes, with just my little nail left to go.

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-use-as-many-untrieds (1)

I had to get a bit of texture in here somewhere, as well as using some pretty exciting Nails Inc polishes that are just a bit too fussy for the average design. I love the colours, but I’m not sure how to use them in art! From tip to cuticle:
W7 Salt N Pepper (I said that’d show up somewhere!)
Nails Inc Topping Lane
Nelly Polish Unnamed Green Sample (repeat, because it just didn’t get a look in on my index nail!)
Nails Inc Chancery Lane (This colour looks just like Baker Street, I swear)

There are four polishes here, but only three of them are new, which brings my total up to 27. A whopping twenty seven untried polishes in one go. I know this design is thoroughly random, but I love it! It’s fab to use so many different things at once, and to use top coats in just little patches. I’d never have thought to do this otherwise. More ideas to add to my collection of things to do again. This is the challenge that just keeps on giving!

neverending-pile-challenge-glittah-pirates-use-as-many-untrieds (4)

Check out how many polishes everyone else has managed to cram into just five nails today:

The next theme on Monday 5th May is Vampy. Be sure to come back then!

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  1. I Love Love Love your ring finger!

  2. Woww! I only managed 10! I like your thumbnail best 🙂

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