My New Favourite Thing: Graffiti Polish

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My New Favourite Thing: Graffiti Polish

I’m really not joking – I own several graffiti polishes now. I see one and I can’t help myself – I’ve have to have its… graffiti-ie goodness. When Maybelline brought out their Street Art collection I few months ago I bought all four. When I’m not sure what to wear on my nails, I reach for graffiti polish. It is the super-stylin’ way to liven up ANY design.

Yes, I did just say super-stylin’. I’m hip.

color-club-grafitti-nails-take-wing-seventeen (2)

The polish I have for you today is Seventeen Off The Wall Graffiti Effects in Monochrome. This polish isn’t new – I’ve had it since before Christmas and it has been featured several times – but for some reason today I felt like bragging about it.

color-club-grafitti-nails-take-wing-seventeen (4)

color-club-grafitti-nails-take-wing-seventeen (5)

I’ve got it layered here over five polishes from the Color Club Take Wing collection (the only one I haven’t used is the turquoise one). I’ve got several designs coming up that features as many of the Take Wing polishes as I could fit together but for the first one, I went really simple. I think you’ll agree that it’s an ideal way to make any colour look somehow really different.

You do need to top coat this stuff though, or the glitter pieces tend to lift off (And then it’s just way too easy to pick them off!) Here I’ve used Color Club Clear, also from the Take Wing boxset. I picked up this fab bright glittery collection for £9.99 in TK Maxx – they’ve always got some Color Club floating around. I’m waiting for the holos to come in. Love me some holos!


color-club-grafitti-nails-take-wing-seventeen (3)

What’s your current favourite thing to reach for when painting your nails without something specific in mind?

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  1. I love! I just got my hands on a few grafitti polishes from Claire’s and I love them. And I too hope that one day the Color Club holos might make an appearance at TK Maxx. 😉
    Fingers crossed!


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