Inspired By: Erin Cox Mini Floating Pearl Pendant

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Inspired By: Erin Cox Mini Floating Pearl Pendant

One of the amazing items in the goody bag from the recent South West Blog Social was a voucher for a free necklace from Erin Cox. I went over to her shop on Castle Street in Exeter centre to pick it up and had a lovely chat with Laura and Jasmine who work with her. I had a nosey around the workshop, which was a beautiful mess of equipment and shiny things. I love a workshop – it’s great to see where all the magic happens! They had certainly been very busy in the run up to the South West Blog Social handmaking the Mini Floating Pearl Pendant to give away to us lucky bloggers!

graffiti-nails-erin-cox-swblogsocial-nail-art (3)

It didn’t take me very long to be inspired by this beautiful necklace and little bag to create some nail art!

graffiti-nails-erin-cox-swblogsocial-nail-art (2)

All the polishes I used in this design are by Grafitti Nails – they were kind enough to send me four of their colours a while back and I’ve been using them here and there but in this design they get a chance to shine together! I started out with a base of Butterfly Pink – this lovely colour is reminiscent of the acid free tissue paper that the necklace was wrapped in so I could take it home. I applied two nails of Fairy Wing – the collection that the pendant is from is called O2 and some of the other items look like chains of little bubbles. I wanted to add some little bubbles of my own without taking any of the impact away from the pendant itself so this glitter top coat was great!

graffiti-nails-erin-cox-swblogsocial-nail-art (5)

graffiti-nails-erin-cox-swblogsocial-nail-art (4)

Next I copied the shape of the pendant itself using a small brush and Grafitti Nails Silver Pearl – I like the way the shimmer in this polish looks a lot like the texture of the pendant itself! I added a half pearl from a little selection I bought from Tara’s Talons, although the value of those is nothing like the real pearl in the necklace! The pearl in the necklace comes in white, pink or dove grey; I was spoiled for choice but eventually decided to go for the white one as it’ll match other jewellery I own. If I’d had the spare cash I’d have bought the matching earrings – at £35 they’re a steal for what they are but I just can’t afford them for now! Maybe I’ll see if I can convince someone to buy them for me as a birthday present.

graffiti-nails-erin-cox-swblogsocial-nail-art (6)

Lastly, I decided to copy the Erin Cox signature on the bag. It seemed like the perfect compliment to the rest of the design. Just a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have had the confidence to try something so small and fiddly but the South West Blog Social showed me that I have talents I hadn’t previously given myself credit for. With my cut down brush I drew the circle, rope and tassle using Jet, then outlined it with more Silver Pearl and finally painstakingly drew on the signature. I love how this whole thing has come together.

This pendant is absolutely beautiful; I can’t quite fathom the creativity and skill it takes to handmake jewellery this gorgeous and I’m in awe! The necklace retails for £35 and there are a host of other items in the O2 collection including a ring and earrings.

As an additional thank you for giving me this stunning necklace, I’m going to paint another set of nails with this design on and frame them to give to the Erin Cox team for their shop; thank you so much for your generosity!

What’s your favourite piece from Erin Cox’s collections?

graffiti-nails-erin-cox-swblogsocial-nail-art (7)


*Graffiti Nails sent me their polishes free of charge to try but I will always give an honest and unbiased review. All views are my own.


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