Review: Express Nails by Elegant Touch

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Review: Express Nails by Elegant Touch

I regularly wear false nails so I was really excited when Elegant Touch offered to give away sets of their new Express Nails for review. There are 24 different designs, ranging from classic reds, through pastels and neons and several different arty designs, including hearts, spots and triangles. I was sent two packs – Bright Purple and Bright Marble. At £7.99 for plain colours and £8.99 for designs, these are a reasonable price but a little more than I usually pay for my nails, so I was intrigued to see if they lived up to their claim of 1 week when applied correctly!

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Images taken from Elegant Touch website

The nails come in a snazzy little plastic box, which is great for storing the rest of the nails in once you’ve used your first set – depending on your nail size you’ll likely get more than one wear out of a pack.

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There are 24 nails in each pack, with 10 different sizes of nails. I have quite small nails and found that the smaller nails were still a bit large but none were uncomfortable when applied. The nails are a slightly odd shape, tapered out towards the tip so that my nails seemed far wider than they actually are. But they are a lovely shape and once I got used to it I quite liked it!

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I couldn’t help but mix up the designs – the purple and the marble just go so well together! I’ve seen other people mixing up the marble with the neon colours and I’m sure these would go just as well with black.

After the fab designs, the application is definitely one of the best things about these nails. They come pre-stickered, so there’s no faffing with glue or drying time. You use the little wipe to clean off your nails before you apply them, then you just peel the plastic backing off the sticker and apply it your nail. La voila. The second time I used this I genuinely had the whole lot applied in under five minutes flat. It’s that simple.

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elegant-touch-express-nails-review (3)

I swear the wipe must be magic, because these nails STICK. I’ve used Elegant Touch nail stickers before and wasn’t all that impressed with their lasting time, but these just stick and stick, with no sign of flagging. I think the tip to avoid water for half an hour after application makes a big difference, because it allows a good seal to form between the stickers and the natural nails. Even on my index fingers and thumbnails I had no issue with the nails popping off at all. I actually found it a challenge to remove these after four days, they’re that good.

However, I have a few small issues with the stickers; whilst the application is undeniably great and the staying power is awesome, the raised, rubbery layer does cause a few problems. The stickers are quite thick, so the nails never quite sit flush against the nail bed, which can look a bit artificial at times. When you’re doing things, the layer squishes, causes the nails to kind of slide about a bit. On the plus side, this means that they can take some bashing without pulling off, whereas that kind of impact would really hurt if the nails were glued direct. On the minus side, it means the nails did dig into my fingers at times and at their worst, I felt like my own nails weren’t attached to my fingers anymore, like a wobbly tooth that hasn’t quite fallen out yet. The final issue is that I found a lot of dirt and fluff got stuck onto the end of the sticker where it sat between the nail and my natural nail tip, which was gross, and really difficult to get out. Getting stuff stuck down the gap was a particular problem. There was an ice cream incident where I got semi melted chocolate all over my fingers and it was quite unpleasant trying to remove it!

elegant-touch-express-nails-review (6)

elegant-touch-express-nails-review (2)

The length is about spot on, in my opinion; long enough to feel glamorous but short enough to be practical. If it weren’t for the issues with the stickers I think they’d be pretty much perfect. I was very, very impressed with the sticking time – I usually don’t get much more than 24 hours out a pair of nails so these were great. As for 1 week – I managed four days before some of the ends were starting to split and I was fed up of the wobbly feeling so I took them off. That’s a lot longer than I usually last with the same design on my fingers so that’s a testament to how much I like this design!

Overall, I really liked these. (If I hadn’t been spoiled by the awesome Primark nails I wore last month I think I’d have loved them!) The designs are great, the application is quick and easy, and the wear time is impressive. There are a few niggles, but if you were wearing these for a night out or a special event then they’d be fantastic. For longer term wear I found these a bit annoying but they’re worth the £7.99/£8.99 price tag and if you’re in a rush but want your nails to look immaculate I definitely recommend them.

Express Nails are available on the high street from Boots and from the Elegant Touch website.

*Elegant Touch sent me this product but I will always give an honest and unbiased review. All views are my own.

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