Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

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Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Just a quick post from me tonight – I’ve had a chance to edit and watermark a lot of photos this afternoon and some of these manicures have been sitting in my edit pile, sorry and unloved for a very long time! I originally did these nails for the Texture day of The Neverending Pile Challenge, which was waaay back on 12th May. I sure missed that boat!

texture-blue-orange-sugar-coat-nails-inc-sally-hansen (2)

This features a Nails Inc polish I picked up in a Lucky Dip last year which has seen quite a bit of use on my own nails but none at all on the blog! It’s called Chancery Lane and it’s from the “Beaded” range, so called because it is full of little beads and circles of glitter that give the effect of a caviar polish without all the fussy application. I started wearing it around the time I got Essie Butler Please as the colour is an almost perfect match. For this design I paired it with Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Candy Corn. This colour scheme and stripe design are inspired by a project very dear to my heart – Bloodhound SSC.

texture-blue-orange-sugar-coat-nails-inc-sally-hansen (4)

texture-blue-orange-sugar-coat-nails-inc-sally-hansen (1)

Bloodhound SSC is a British Land Speed Record project (the SSC stands for Super Sonic Car) and I had the privilege of working on it for nine months as a design engineer – I helped design the steering wheel! The project is more than just an engineering project though – it’s a whole education adventure, aiming to get exciting science, technology and maths lessons into schools and to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers! This is the gorgeous show car (not a real car, just a model of it!) in all its conceptual glory:


Isn’t it a thing of beauty? Definitely go check out the website, and some of the videos, they’re so much fun! I had such great fun working on this car and with the team! I still miss those days often. Ah well, good memories, right? I’ve been meaning to do Bloodhound SSC inspired nails since waaay back when I was working for them so I’m glad I finally got the chance to do these!

texture-blue-orange-sugar-coat-nails-inc-sally-hansen (5)

texture-blue-orange-sugar-coat-nails-inc-sally-hansen (3)

Some exciting posts to come this week, almost all South West Blog Social related. And I have been working on tutorials! Mega excited to show you those soon! Hope you all had a fab weekend. I went to a family wedding, which was… eventful. More about that this week too!


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