Throwback Tri-Polish Tuesday

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Throwback Tri-Polish Tuesday

If you cast your mind back all the way to May, which was nearly a month ago already, the Tri-Polish Tuesday colours were Purple, Red and Green. I did three designs which I was chuffed to bits with, and not one of them made it onto the blog in time. May was just one of those months.

So instead, tonight you get all three of them!


I used the same three polishes for all three designs:

Models Own Pukka Purple
Models Own Sardonyx
Barry M Emerald Green

The first design was flowers. Red and green just cried out to me to be roses. I painted the flowers on in white first so that the red would really pop. I loved the matt effect of the Velvet Goth polish so much it seemed a shame to topcoat it, but I love the shine too!

may-tri-polish-tuesday-purple-green-red-models-own-barry-m-flowers (1)

may-tri-polish-tuesday-purple-green-red-models-own-barry-m-flowers (4)


Design number 2 was inspired by a lovely Polish for Tans design I saw on The Naily Mail – starting with a white base, I added a few lines of striping tape before sponging a gradient over the top and then removing the tape. I own a couple of Polish for Tans and I’m determined to try this design with those too. I never remember which order I put the tape on in so it always gets a bit messy but I’m still pleased with how this turned out.

may-tri-polish-tuesday-purple-green-red-models-own-barry-m-gradient-stripe (1)

may-tri-polish-tuesday-purple-green-red-models-own-barry-m-gradient-stripe (4)

Last but by no means least, I have the most adventurous of my three designs. I was inspired by this floaty blouse by Next I saw in a magazine and decided to try using my MoYou Professional XL 01 plate to stamp the dots instead of freehanding them. I did not entirely succeed at this, so I had to cover up my mistakes a bit, but I like the overall effect with the Sardonyx around the edge in a kind of elongated ruffian. What do you think?

may-tri-polish-tuesday-purple-green-red-models-own-barry-m-moyou-professional (1)

may-tri-polish-tuesday-purple-green-red-models-own-barry-m-moyou-professional (4)


I haven’t managed anything for the June Tri-Polish Tuesday challenge but I’ll try and get back to it in July! To spare your poor bandwidth, I’ll put the rest of the photos in a little gallery here. Which one is your favourite?

crumpet TRI april_may_june

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