Inspired By: Scarf from The Real McCoy

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Inspired By: Scarf from The Real McCoy

Welcome to the second of my Inspired By posts from the South West Blog Social! This is the second item I picked up with a voucher from the goody bag. The lovely lady in The Real McCoy (whose name I have already shamefully forgotten) let me dig around in the basket full of scarves of all patterns, shape and sizes until I found one that yelled “take me home!” And I picked this one:

mccoys-arcade-south-west-blog-social-swblogsocial-scarf-inspired-opi-tint (1)

The Real McCoy is an absolutely amazing vintage shop on Fore Street Hill in Exeter that sells just about anything you can imagine, from dresses to top hats to fancy dress costumes. There’s a fantastic atmosphere in there and you never know what you might find. It’s like stepping into another world. It’s been there for nearly 30 years – my partner grew up in Exeter and he has spent many an hour lost in the racks too! It’s probably just as well I live on the other side of town to the place or I think I might always be skint. They have such lovely, lovely things and a café next door to boot.


mccoys-arcade-south-west-blog-social-swblogsocial-scarf-inspired-opi-tint (3)

mccoys-arcade-south-west-blog-social-swblogsocial-scarf-inspired-opi-tint (5)

Anyways, I picked up this scarf because I loved the pattern – it’s a bit warm for scarves at the moment but when the evenings are cool I think this will be great. The base colour is white, which goes with everything, and it has fab great big spots all over it and a criss cross design of bamboo-like lines and leaves. An eclectic scarf, like me!

For this design I started with a base of Barbara Daly Snow. I dotted on the spots using OPI Tints minis which I picked up for a criminally small price in Sally’s a few weeks back.  The red spots didn’t quite pop so I went over them with Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Cherry Drop. I smoothed it all over with a few coats of clear polish before drawing the design on freehand with my Barry M Nail Art Pen – it’s brilliant for doing detailing like this because it’s so fine and easy to control.

mccoys-arcade-south-west-blog-social-swblogsocial-scarf-inspired-opi-tint (6)

mccoys-arcade-south-west-blog-social-swblogsocial-scarf-inspired-opi-tint (4)

This was not a simple design – I messed it up quite a bit and there was a lot of trying to fix things. I considered doing a tutorial for it but I’m not sure I could do it justice. Perhaps with different polishes – the OPI Sheer Tints are so sticky and quite difficult to work with! I’ve seen some lovely stuff done with them though so I’ll see what else I can do. Maybe they’re just not designed for dotting!

Anyway, this was a great project and I’ll be sure to wander round The Real McCoy again in future looking for inspiration, and almost certainly more besides. Thank you so much for giving me this lovely scarf!

mccoys-arcade-south-west-blog-social-swblogsocial-scarf-inspired-opi-tint (2)




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