Rainbow Day: Born Pretty Store Stickers

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Rainbow Day: Born Pretty Store Stickers

As I sit in my office, the rain is hammering down on the roof. It has been glorious sunshine for a few weeks and of course Glastonbury starts today, so we’re due rain. What better a day to break out these gorgeous cheerful stickers from Born Pretty Store and bring the sunshine back!

born-pretty-store-stickers-models-own-blue-glint-hypergel-rainbow (2)

These little stickers are super-cute, coming with little faces on and in doodly patterns. They’re such lovely bright colours that I wasn’t sure what background to put them against but I eventually went for Blue Glint by Models Own. I added an accent nail of a hand painted rainbow – it seemed perfect to go with these great sunny little stickers!

born-pretty-store-stickers-models-own-blue-glint-hypergel-rainbow (3)

born-pretty-store-stickers-models-own-blue-glint-hypergel-rainbow (1)

These stickers really are great – you just peel off the one you want and pop it on your pre-polished nail, then add a layer of clear polish to seal it in. I really like the designs – particularly the cake and the ice creams. (Although now I’m hungry…) The thickness is just right – not too thick but still easy to handle – and the application is simple. I used quite a lot of stickers for this design but there are still plenty more to use another time. At 99p with free shipping these are a great little way to bring a smile to your nails (and your face!)

You can find these stickers on the Born Pretty Store website here and the code is XF460. If you use code RTMX31 you’ll get 10% off too!


born-pretty-store-stickers-models-own-blue-glint-hypergel-rainbow (4)*Born Pretty Store sent me this product but I will always give an honest and unbiased review. All views are my own.

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