Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge: Blue

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Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge: Blue

If you’re anything like me, you may find Monday makes you a bit blue. I’m totally pooped today from a busy weekend and I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with myself yet. Thankfully I have the Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge prompt for today to give me something to post about without needing to think too much!

texture-nails-inc-wrk-nails-essie (1)

I can’t believe I have never professed my love for the combination of Essie Butler Please and Nails Inc Chancery Lane before. They look downright made for each other. When I want to wear Chancery Lane but ten fingers of full on texture sounds like far too much, this is the combo I go for. Heaven!

texture-nails-inc-wrk-nails-essie (6)

For this look I started with three nails of Essie Butler Please and two of Nails Inc Chancery Lane. Then I added an accent nail using striping tape and Sinful Colors Black on Black, and to finish I applied a couple of coats of WRK Bang! to the two plain nails left. I own two polishes by WRK Nails and neither of them see enough use – I love their firework-y goodness but it never seems to be the right mani to pair them! Shame really, because they are very versatile. I did show off my other WRK polish, The Boomer, during a Neverending Pile Challenge post back in April.

texture-nails-inc-wrk-nails-essie (5)

What do you think? Are you loving the blue goodness of this design? What’s your Monday go-to manicure to pick you up?

texture-nails-inc-wrk-nails-essie (3)

Check out the other designs for today’s Life In Lacquer July Challenge prompt Blue, along with all the others in this challenge here:

The next prompt is Floral, which I may or may not get around to. So many nails, so little time to post! *goes back to writing PhD thesis*


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  1. It looks really great – love the colour! 🙂


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