These Are A Few… July Favourites

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These Are A Few… July Favourites

I buy SO much polish these days it’s embarrassing. I have to confess I rarely seem to get through them all and there are many, too many polishes sitting in a box because I haven’t got around to wearing them. And to top it off, I still have favourites. Despite having enough polish for a different colour every day ALL YEAR I still reach for the same ones when I’m refreshing my mani! So I thought I’d let you in on what has mostly been on my nails this month.

july-favourites-models-own-peach-melba-maybelline-acid-wash-seventeen (2)

I know – so simple, right? Sometimes you don’t have to do much to be classy. My favourite things this month are Models Own Peach Melba, Maybelline Acid Wash in Mint Acid-Ittude and Seventeen Colour Clash Nails Effects in In The Surf. Chevrons and these super cute black bows are courtesy of She Sells Seashells. My top coat came in a Ciaté box and I didn’t think you could buy it separately but it turns out you can – it’s called Ciaté Speed Coat Top Coat and it’s great for nail art – it doesn’t smudge and leaves you with a wonderful glossy finish.


I picked up the Seventeen and the Maybelline colours in Boots where they were both in 3 for 2 offers, and Peach Melba came direct from Models Own during their 6 for 20 offer but fear not – they have special deals fairly regularly! I don’t often pay full whack for polish and these are no exception – none of them cost me more than £3 each. I love these colours together – even though they all come from different brands they match brilliantly.

july-favourites-models-own-peach-melba-maybelline-acid-wash-seventeen (5)

july-favourites-models-own-peach-melba-maybelline-acid-wash-seventeen (3)

I made a bit of a mess of these relaxed chevrons from She Sells Seashells – I think when you’re putting them over glitter toppers it helps to apply a thick, glossy top coat first so that you’ve got a smooth surface to stick them on. The bows on the other hand, are impossible to get wrong – I like having an alternative to studs for a change!

july-favourites-models-own-peach-melba-maybelline-acid-wash-seventeen (4)

july-favourites-models-own-peach-melba-maybelline-acid-wash-seventeen (6)

What are your favourite polishes this month? Do you have a “go to” pile even when you’ve got loads of other things you could be trying?

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