Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge: Inspired By Another Blogger

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Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge: Inspired By Another Blogger

I haven’t managed to join in with all of the prompts in this challenge, but I really like this one! My favourite blogger is far and away Alice of One Nail To Rule Them All. I used a handful of her tutorials at the South West Blogger Meet to paint other people’s nails and now I’ve finally had a chance to do one for myself!


Ta da! There are so many things I like about this design – getting to use a glitter base for a change, the way the bows kind of leap out of the design at you, the colours I’ve used. And Barry M nail art pens. Those things are so good I’m not quite sure what I did before I had them. It’s a shame there are so few colours!

life-in-lacquer-july-challenge-inspired-by-one-nail-to-rule-ciate-taras-talons-bows (6)

life-in-lacquer-july-challenge-inspired-by-one-nail-to-rule-ciate-taras-talons-bows (5)

The design I’ve chosen here is from this tutorial, and Alice in turn based her design on this one, which is slightly different but in my opinion they’re both awesome! I started with a base of Polish Responsibly by Tara’s Talons, then used two coats of Mango Martini by Ciaté, which I picked up from a Vente-Privee sale, incidentally only because Alice mentioned that too. Yes, I stalk One Nail To Rule Them All fairly regularly. So? It’s like a blogger crush. :p And the spots and the outlines are both Barry M pens. I can’t wait to have another go at this with some different colours! Here’s the design I did at the South West Blog Social – sad to say I can’t remember off the top of my head who for though!


And to finish off, here are a couple more of mine:

life-in-lacquer-july-challenge-inspired-by-one-nail-to-rule-ciate-taras-talons-bows (4)

life-in-lacquer-july-challenge-inspired-by-one-nail-to-rule-ciate-taras-talons-bows (3)

Check out the other designs for today’s Life In Lacquer July Challenge prompt “Inspired By Another Nail Artist or Blogger”, along with all the others in this challenge here:

This challenge has been great fun, and thanks so much to Life In Lacquer for hosting it! If there’s another challenge in future I’ll be sure to join in!


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