Lily Allen Week: Theyskens’ Theory Knit

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Lily Allen Week: Theyskens’ Theory Knit

Thanks for all the great feedback on my post yesterday! It seems you are all loving the YSL and Coral Glaze beauty of my first Lily Allen Week design. If you missed yesterday’s explanation then here it is again: I’ve created five designs based on Lily Allen’s photo shoot for the June Glamour Magazine and I’ll be posting one every day this week. I started yesterday with a simple but effective Hypergel design based on a floaty Saint Laurent dress.

Today I have a more complex design for you, based on this slightly strange looking ensemble by Theyskens’ Theory.


I’ve spent a long time looking at this outfit trying to work out what is going on. It is apparently a jumper and a skirt, which seems an odd combination to begin with. I think it’s the same as this one I found here. Honestly, it’s not an outfit that I will be rushing out to try any time soon!

I do however think that it translates to a great nail design, don’t you?

Lily-Allen-Glamour-Magazine-Theyskens-Theory-Nails-inc-elf-nail-design (5)

Lily-Allen-Glamour-Magazine-Theyskens-Theory-Nails-inc-elf-nail-design (3)

This design started with a couple of coats of Nails Inc Mayfair. Then I painted half of each nail with e.l.f. Misty Haze. I applied a LOT of striping tape and painted over the grey with a mixture of Misty Haze and white – I don’t have a lighter grey in my collection so what better way to match my colours than to just use the same one?

The striping tape decided to leave a green residue all over my nails, which is why they look a slightly strange colour. I’m not sure what this is about and I’m not very happy about it but I’d already invested so much time in the design it seemed a shame to let this stop me. I applied a thick layer of topcoat so that I wouldn’t pull off the stripes underneath and finally used a couple of straight vinyls from She Sells Seashells to block off the middle section. I filled this in with e.l.f. Metal Madness before removing the vinyls. One more coat of topcoat and la voila!

Lily-Allen-Glamour-Magazine-Theyskens-Theory-Nails-inc-elf-nail-design (1)

Lily-Allen-Glamour-Magazine-Theyskens-Theory-Nails-inc-elf-nail-design (2)

This is one of the more time consuming designs I’ve done in a while but I hope you’ll agree it’s totally worth it! Doesn’t this just make you want to snuggle up in a big warm jumper?

Lily-Allen-Glamour-Magazine-Theyskens-Theory-Nails-inc-elf-nail-design (4)

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