Lily Allen Week: The Sideways French Manicure

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Lily Allen Week: The Sideways French Manicure

For the middle day of Lily Allen Week, you have to look a bit further than the outfits for my inspiration.


Today I have decided to recreate Lily Allen’s manicure from the June Glamour Magazine shoot:

lily-allen-glamour-magazine-mh-inspired-models-own-hypergel-graffiti-nails-silver-side-french-nails (2)I’ve been following the lady who designs Lily Allen’s nails for a while – her name is Michelle Humphrey and I think she has the best job ever! She gets to create nails for some amazing people – besides our beloved Lily you’ll find her designs on Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue and Anna Friel to name a few! She uses a lot of Maybelline products and her designs are usually far out and craaaazy. Check her out on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram. This sideways French manicure is relatively tame! (Please excuse my slightly battered cuticles – I keep catching my fingers on things this week.)

lily-allen-glamour-magazine-mh-inspired-models-own-hypergel-graffiti-nails-silver-side-french-nails (3)


The Sideways French Manicure hasn’t been around all that long, I don’t think, but it’s gaining popularity –  a nice twist on a classic! I’m particularly pleased with this design because it gave me a chance to rock two of my favourite polishes – Blue Glint Hypergel by Models Own and Silver Pearl by Graffiti Nails. This silver is incredible – it looks like it’s made up of thousands and thousands of miniscule sequins and it’s SO super sparkly! I don’t think my photographs have done it nearly enough justice – you need to try it out for yourself! I promise you’ll never want for another silver ever again!

lily-allen-glamour-magazine-mh-inspired-models-own-hypergel-graffiti-nails-silver-side-french-nails (4)

lily-allen-glamour-magazine-mh-inspired-models-own-hypergel-graffiti-nails-silver-side-french-nails (6)

I did this design using hole reinforcers and straight vinyls from She Sells Seashells – the hole reinforcer creates the lovely round shape and the straight connects the circle up to the tip of the nail. I have however seen this design done with just straight up one side or just a circle used along the side of the nail (they were short nails!) I am particularly loving this colour combination! It’s very striking!

How are you finding Lily Allen Week so far? Do you have a favourite? I’m saving my best til last!

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