Lily Allen Week: The Emanuel Ungaro Shirt and Leggings

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Lily Allen Week: The Emanuel Ungaro Shirt and Leggings

Today I am mostly excited because Michelle Humphrey herself tweeted at me to say she liked my design yesterday! I’m such a fangirl of her designs that this was lovely! If you still have no idea why I’m posting about Lily Allen then start here. For the June edition of Glamour Magazine, cover starlet Lily Allen did a shoot in all kinds of crazy clothes and every day this week I’m posting a design based on something in that shoot. Now we’re into the latter half of the week I’m posting the complicated designs that took me aaages and look very effective (in my humble opinion).  Today I’ve gone all monochrome to match this strangely circus-like shirt and leggings combo by Emanuel Ungaro.


My housemate, who has no interest in painting her own nails but takes a keen interest in what I do with mine, says this is her favourite of the bunch of this week. I started by applying two coats of Snow White by Barbara Daly (a Tesco polish that cost me next to nothing.) Second, I used a mixture of striping tape and She Sells Seashells straight vinyls to mark off the uneven vertical stripes, before applying Jet by Graffiti Nails. Jet is an impeccable one coat black that is great for nail art because you don’t need to go over anything again! It’s thick and glossy and amazing. Once that was dry, I used more vinyls to tape off half of each nail and painted a section black. Lastly, I got out my dotting tools of various sizes and applied the tiny dots between the stripes and the larger ones to recreate the shirt. Phew! Not complicated, but with all the drying time in each bit it was certainly time consuming!

Lily-Allen-Emanuel-Ungaro-glamour-magazine-grafitti-nails-polish-art (5)

Lily-Allen-Emanuel-Ungaro-glamour-magazine-grafitti-nails-polish-art (3)

I topped everything off (once it was dry) with Ciaté speed coat pro – I think this glossy, smooth finish is perfect for this design! As with my design on Tuesday, I think this pattern combo looks much better on nails than it does on clothes, although Lily Allen is certainly rocking it in this picture. If you want a pair of these leggings, they’ll set you back a cool £389.86 (reduced from £556.95!!!) and the blouse a further £445.97 (down from £810.86.) I think separately they’re quite cool items but together? Ah, perhaps I just don’t understand fashion.

Lily-Allen-Emanuel-Ungaro-glamour-magazine-grafitti-nails-polish-art (2)

Lily-Allen-Emanuel-Ungaro-glamour-magazine-grafitti-nails-polish-art (1)

Fancy another look at this curious ensemble? I found it on the catwalk on Pinterest. Please do let me know what you think!

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