Lily Allen Week: The Aquilano.Rimondi Bra and Skirt

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Lily Allen Week: The Aquilano.Rimondi Bra and Skirt

Alas, today is Friday and we have come to the final design of Lily Allen week. Tomorrow I’ll post a quick round up of all 5 posts and then it will be over. Luckily, I’ve saved my absolute favourite til last. I was very ambitious with this design and it’s one of the most complex things I’ve ever done! I went freehand for this one, mostly – and wow, how did it come out?


The colours and patterns in this skirt are so gorgeous that I was determined to have a go at recreating it. I picked different sections of the skirt that I thought were interesting and then I copied them straight onto the nail. There was a little bit of artistic license but for the most part, I think I got it pretty spot on. I used a whole bunch of polishes here so I’ll just list them straight out:

Base: Nude by Tara’s Talons
Colours: Barry M Emerald Green
Models Own Cornflower Gleam
Barry M Black Nail Art Pen
Claire’s Accessories Unnamed Gold
Models Own Blue Glint

Lily-Allen-Aquilano-Rimondi-nail-polish-nails-glamour-magazine (4)

Lily-Allen-Aquilano-Rimondi-nail-polish-nails-glamour-magazine (2)

Once I’d freehanded the design colours, I went around everything with a Barry M Nail Art Pen. I filled in a few of the gaps with gold polish. Lastly, I taped off a few of the tips with She Sells Seashells straight vinyls, and applied Blue Glint by Models Own. I freehanded the black lines (to represent the belt) with the Barry M pen and as a final touch, I added a few bows from She Sells Seashells. They weren’t strictly necessary but I think they look cute!

Lily-Allen-Aquilano-Rimondi-nail-polish-nails-glamour-magazine (6)

Lily-Allen-Aquilano-Rimondi-nail-polish-nails-glamour-magazine (1)

If ever you were looking for nail art inspiration in fashion, Aquilano.Rimondi has it in spades. Just check out some of the other outfits in the same collection as this gorgeous skirt! This collection is inspired by Italy and they make me think of the Renaissance, and the exquisite embroidery and shapes of that era. I may have to write down the name in case I get stuck in future. What do you think? Would you wear something like this?

Lily-Allen-Aquilano-Rimondi-nail-polish-nails-glamour-magazine (3)

Lily-Allen-Aquilano-Rimondi-nail-polish-nails-glamour-magazine (7)

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