To #31DC2014 Or Not?

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To #31DC2014 Or Not?

September is just on the other side of the weekend and this means two things to me – firstly, that I am coming up to my 1 Year Blog-iversary! I began this little blog on September 1st 2013 so that I could participate in the 31 Day Challenge 2013 and I nearly made it to the end, getting up to 28 before I ran out of puff.

Which leads me onto number 2. The 31 Day Challenge 2014 begins on September 1st and I’d love to join in, but I just don’t know if I can manage it! In September I’ll be handing in my PhD thesis (hopefully) *and* moving house and on top of that I doubt I’d be able to give the 31DC2014 all the time and attention it deserves. You might have noticed that since Lily Allen week at the beginning of the month my blog postings have… not happened.


What do you think? Should I try it?

I couldn’t leave you without any nail art today so here is one from the vault – my design for #31DC2013 Day 29: Supernatural – which I just never quite got around to posting! I was attempting to recreate the “vampire sparkle” from Twilight. I always thought that bit was really poorly done in the films; I know the idea of a sparkly vampire is a bit daft to begin with but in the films they always looked like they had sparkly acne! Here is my homage:


It’s been so long since I did these nails that I can’t totally remember what polishes I used but I know that I used lots of No 7. In The Stars to get that sparkly finish!

It would be a real shame not to take part in the 31 Day Challenge this year – after all, it’s where my obsession began! Maybe I’ll see what I can rustle up over the weekend to give myself a head start….



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  1. oooo do it! I’m tempted too, but like you, have a busy month ahead!


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