31 Day Challenge 2014 Day 3: Yellow Nails

31 Day Challenge 2014 Day 3: Yellow Nails

I’m back from London! Kate Bush was INCREDIBLE. What a privilege it was to see her! I did special nails which I’ll show you later in the week!

Barry M brought out their new collection of Autumn inspired Gellies just a few weeks ago, and I got my hands on all six of them on Monday night. I couldn’t resist using one today: a fabulous burnt yellow called Mustard:

31-day-challenge-2014-day-3-yellow-nails-barry-m-mustard (2)

I love the colour of Mustard – I’ve got a gorgeous dress in this colour which I can’t wait to get some wear out of later this year. These pictures make the colour looks a bit more orange than it really is. It’s nice to have a yellow that’s not incredibly bright though – you don’t see those too often!

31-day-challenge-2014-day-3-yellow-nails-barry-m-mustard (1)

31-day-challenge-2014-day-3-yellow-nails-barry-m-mustard (3)

I am particularly thrilled by this stamping! Barry M Gellies are known for being quite good for stamping so I thought I’d be adventurous and try out a gradient stamp for the first time. Since there isn’t a tribal theme this year I decided I didn’t need an excuse to use my Australia themed MoYou London plate – Explorer Collection 06. I used three more from the Barry M Autumn colours – Cocoa, Chilli and Paprika. Isn’t this combination just wonderful? They stamp really easily and give such good coverage.

31-day-challenge-2014-day-3-yellow-nails-barry-m-mustard (5)

31-day-challenge-2014-day-3-yellow-nails-barry-m-mustard (4)Tomorrow’s theme is Green Nails, and I’ve got another of the Barry M Autumn Collection lined up…. 😀



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  1. Eeeek!Nail Polish! just posted this mustard color too. I want this. Looks awesome on you !


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