31 Day Challenge 2014 Day 5: Blue Nails

31 Day Challenge 2014 Day 5: Blue Nails

This has to be one of my favourite designs of late. I can’t claim any credit for it – I spotted the idea on Bite No More the other day and knew it would be perfect for this prompt!

31-day-challenge-2014-day-5-blue-patchwork-taras-talons (2)

This looks awesome and is brilliantly easy. The base on all the nails is a sample labelled 9 that I got in Tara’s Talons de-stash a few months ago. It’s a shame it’s so covered up actually because it’s gorgeous! The patches are all handmade decals – I painted a few squares using Models Own White Light, Mavala Trinidad and e.l.f. Blue Jeans. Once that was dry I stamped on the squares using MoYou London plates Tourist 07 and Sailor 06. The polishes are Konad in White and Blue. I cut out smaller squares and stuck them directly onto the nails, then outlined with a Barry M nail art pen, before top-coating. Lots of steps, but still easy.

31-day-challenge-2014-day-5-blue-patchwork-taras-talons (5)

31-day-challenge-2014-day-5-blue-patchwork-taras-talons (4)I really, really love this effect. I can’t stop looking at it. I think there may be more of these before the challenge is out…. Have you ever tried this before? Which are your favourite combinations?

I can see this being a stamping month – I ordered 3 more MoYou plates today. *sigh*

31-day-challenge-2014-day-5-blue-patchwork-taras-talons (3)


31-day-challenge-2014-day-5-blue-patchwork-taras-talons (6)

Tomorrow’s prompt is Violet Nails. To see other designs from the 31 Day Challenge so far, just search for the hashtag #31DC2014 on Twitter or Instagram.




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