31 Day Challenge 2014 Day 9: Rainbow Nails

31 Day Challenge 2014 Day 9: Rainbow Nails

I feel like there aren’t really many things you can do with Rainbow as a theme. As such, I think I’ve used some artistic license here. But I like the results, whether or not you think they satisfy the Rainbow prompt…

31-day-challenge-2014-day-9-rainbow-sugar-coat-nail-vinyls (2)I originally wanted to do a kind of saran wrap on each nail with a couple of colours but instead sponged the colours on and when I added top coat some of them kind of blended into each other. Then I hit upon the idea of using some Nail Vinyls Candy Swirls stencils (they were limited edition so you’re unlikely to find them now, although they’re so old now that there might be some new Halloween themed stencils soon!) and that sets everything off nicely.

31-day-challenge-2014-day-9-rainbow-sugar-coat-nail-vinyls (5)

31-day-challenge-2014-day-9-rainbow-sugar-coat-nail-vinyls (4)I used many, many polishes here, as earlier in the week. In no particular order, here’s the list of polishes in the base:

Models Own: Pukka Purple, Rhubarb & Custard, Flip Flop, Bikini
Essie: Butler Please, Sweet Talker
Essence: Beijos de Brazil
Barry M: Mango
Rimmel: Just Buy Me
Color Club: Sparkle and Soar

The swirls are all done with Sally Hansen Sugar Coat, in Gummy Grape, Taffy Tart, Sweetie, Sour Apple and Candy Corn. I was rather thrilled to find half a bottle of Seche Vite which has temporarily sorted all my top coat woes, although it has rather evened out all the texture of the Sugar Coat! I like how glossy it is though.


31-day-challenge-2014-day-9-rainbow-sugar-coat-nail-vinyls (3)

Tomorrow’s prompt is Gradient nails. To see other designs from the 31 Day Challenge so far, just search for the hashtag #31DC2014 on Twitter or Instagram.



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