31 Day Challenge 2014 Day 12: Stripes

31 Day Challenge 2014 Day 12: Stripes

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a fun filled weekend ahead of you! (And that not too many of you have to work – I remember working weekends, and it wasn’t always fun.) Today is the Stripey day of the challenge, and instead of go overboard, I have kept it simple. This is also the introduction of Moyra to my blog. Blog, meet Moyra. Moyra, meet Blog.

31-day-challenge-day-12-stripes-moyra-she-sells-seashells (3)

Moyra is an Irish nail polish brand which launched in the UK a few months ago. I picked up six of their polishes when they were all reduced to £2 each. The sale was so epic that it crashed the site and it still hasn’t returned. I’m glad I got mine while I had the chance! I’ve used two polishes here. The first is 504 (a catchy name!), which is a beautiful deep blue glittery polish with a silky smooth finish, which is not a lot like suede, but is very nice. The lighter shade is Dolphin, a pale blue texture (Moyra calls it Sugar Sand) which is very similar to Sally Hansen Sugar Coat. The texture is a bit lost here because of my use of topcoat.

31-day-challenge-day-12-stripes-moyra-she-sells-seashells (1)

31-day-challenge-day-12-stripes-moyra-she-sells-seashells (4)I used straight vinyls of differing sizes from She Sells Seashells to tape off the base coat before applying the second colour to achieve this stripey goodness. The triangles add a little pizzazz – they too are from She Sells Seashells. Anyone would think I was on commission. I’m not, I just love supporting this fab small British business! I couldn’t resist making this one a matte design – I used Bourjois SO Matt to achieve this effect.

31-day-challenge-day-12-stripes-moyra-she-sells-seashells (5)

31-day-challenge-day-12-stripes-moyra-she-sells-seashells (2)The theme tomorrow is Animal Print. I feel this theme is overdone so hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something a bit original! To check out other posts from this challenge just search for #31DC2014 on Twitter or Instagram. You can also find all of my images up on Facebook. I’d love to hear what you think about my designs so far! Are you joining in with the 31 Day Challenge? How are you finding it?




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  1. That color is sooo coool!!!


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