31 Day Challenge 2014 Day 13: Animal Print

31 Day Challenge 2014 Day 13: Animal Print

It’s still Day 13 somewhere, right? I’ve been out this evening and only just got home!

Without further ado, I present for your delight and enjoyment: BUNNIES!!1!!

September022I wanted to do something a bit fun for this prompt, and then I remembered that I had these fabulous little bunny decals leftover from She Sells Seashells Easter sale. I figure they are prints of animals, and hence animal prints, right?

In order to make them a little more nail-arty, and a bit less of a cheat, I tried to paint some bunny fur on the top of each nail. I used the dry-brush technique and matched each nail to each bunny. So cute! I used a variety of nail polishes for this – the base is Models Own White Light, and the fur is a mixture of e.l.f. Misty Haze, Barry M Chai, Barry M Lychee, and Barry M Vanilla.

This is my first post using HK Girl Glisten & Glow! Ta da!

September025I bought an absolutely ma-hoo-sive bottle from Rainbow Connection – the biggest I could get! It’s a lovely glossy top coat that dries really quickly and can be applied over wet polish. Amazing!



The prompt tomorrow is Flowers. See you then!


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  1. Oh my goodness, I NEED these decals in my life!!! I think this is my fave of all 31DC day 13s I’ve seen!!! Gorgeous!!


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