Models Own Sweet Shop: (French) Pear Drops

Models Own Sweet Shop: (French) Pear Drops

When Models Own latest range came out at the end of July, I was right in there – I am a huge fan of the Fruit Pastel collection of scented polishes, and the idea of traditional sweet scents sounded fantastic! I picked up all 5 of the Sweet Shop collection… and then they sat in my room while I didn’t manage to find any time to paint my nails. Slowly but surely I’ve been working on a little set of designs that showcases each of their special features, and I’ll be posting one every day this week! Better late than never, right?

I’m starting off with Pear Drops:

models-own-sweet-shop-pear-drops (1)

I’m calling this design “The French Pear.” See what I did there?

Pear Drops is a lush orangey-red polish with a slight shimmery sheen to it and the wonderful smell of Pear Drops. I love pear drops – they were certainly one of my favourites on sweetie day when I was a child! (Thursday was sweetie day because that was also market day, and we’d go and see the Sweet Man who sold all of the classics in little paper bags for 20p each.)

This design started with two coats of Tara’s Talon Nude – this is such a great base because it’s very similar to skin tone. I used the brush in the Pear Drops bottle to paint a pear shaped curve around the top of the nail. I  think it came out… fairly well. I alternated Models Own Pear Drops with Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sweetie – a fitting name given how close it is to yellow pear drops! I also like how the texture looks like sweets too, even with top coat. I added a few spots on using a Barry M nail art pen to look like the sugar coating.

models-own-sweet-shop-pear-drops (4)

models-own-sweet-shop-pear-drops (3)I’ve called this design The French Pear because I like that the tips look a bit like a French manicure!

Pear Drops goes on so smoothly – I used two coats on one nail to try it out but left the other two with just one coat because you get total coverage if you’re careful! It’s got a lovely jelly finish that you don’t ruin if you add top coat – without top coat it’s a sort of semi-matte finish. This is a lovely sunny colour – I thought it’d be too similar to Rhubarb and Custard but once you’ve got it on, it’s totally not. Definitely worth adding to your collection!

models-own-sweet-shop-pear-drops (2)


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  1. Brilliant! Love the pears!

  2. These look so amazing together


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