Models Own Sweet Shop: Gumballs

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Models Own Sweet Shop: Gumballs

Today is the turn of the pink polish of the Sweet Shop collection: Gumballs. Of all the five sweets represented, gumballs are the one that I never really liked. That said, the smell of this polish still makes my mouth water.

models-own-sweet-shop-gumballs (5)

This is a fabulous shade of pink – the perfect combination of bright and girly without being too much of either, I think. (I’m the kind of person that likes wearing pink on my nails but not in my clothes.) I liked the cap on the bottle and did a really simple design based on the colour combination of gumballs featured. I painted round blobs of colour and added a bit of shine to them using a Barry M white nail art pen.

models-own-sweet-shop-gumballs (2)

models-own-sweet-shop-gumballs (4)The formula of this polish is different again to Liquorice Allsorts and Pear Drops – slightly thinner and therefore a little easier to work with. I’ve used two coats here. The smell isn’t as strong as liquorice allsorts – which I think is a good thing, as this could be quite sickly if it was any stronger. As it, I think the sweetness of this scent is just right, and lasts for a similar amount of time to the other Sweet Shop polishes.

models-own-sweet-shop-gumballs (3)

models-own-sweet-shop-gumballs (1)


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