Models Own Sweet Shop: Rhubarb and Custard

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Models Own Sweet Shop: Rhubarb and Custard

When I first saw the bottles for Pear Drops and Rhubarb and Custard, I wondered why Models Own were releasing two colours so similar to each other. However, when you apply them, it becomes apparent that the two colours are very different. Whereas Pear Drops is an orange-red jelly with very fine glitter, Rhubarb and Custard is a deep red with textured grains of shiny glitter in it:

Models-Own-Sweet-Shop-rhubarb-and-custard (4)

Of all the nail art I’ve attempted this week, this is the one I’m not sure about. I tried to make my nails look like rhubarb and custard sweets by alternating Rhubarb and Custard with a shimmery yellow Color Club polish but I’m not sure I really got the effect that I was going for! However, this still shows off the beauty of the Models Own polish.

Models-Own-Sweet-Shop-rhubarb-and-custard (3)

Models-Own-Sweet-Shop-rhubarb-and-custard (2)I applied two coats of Rhubarb and Custard to really bring out the deep rich red of the colour. The glitter is suspended really evenly and the polish applies smoothly. The smell is just what you’d hope for – this is an excellent addition to the collection.

Models-Own-Sweet-Shop-rhubarb-and-custard (5)

Models-Own-Sweet-Shop-rhubarb-and-custard (1)

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