Models Own Sweet Shop: Fizzy Cola Bottles

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Models Own Sweet Shop: Fizzy Cola Bottles

Happy Friday all! I hope you’ve been enjoying my Sweet Shop inspired designs this week. I have saved my favourite until last. One and all, I give you: Fizzy Cola Bottles.

models-own-sweet-shop-cola-bottles (1)

Fizzy Cola Bottles is quite unlike any other polish I have in my collection. It’s a light brown creme with tiny flecks of gold glitter in it that give it a gorgeous shimmery finish. You get a bit of a texture to the polish when you sponge it in a gradient, as I have here, but as you can see from the other nails it dries to a smooth finish when you apply it direct.

What do you think of brown polish? I guess it’s not a classic colour but there is so much classiness to this polish that I might be tempted away from my brights more often. It’s the perfect complement to the other colours in the Sweet Shop collection and a nice palette cleanser after all that pink and red.

models-own-sweet-shop-cola-bottles (2)

models-own-sweet-shop-cola-bottles (4)For me, this polish has absolutely captured the essence of fizzy cola bottles – the colour and the texture and the finish are all spot on. I decided this polish needed a gradient to mimic the two-toned sweets themselves and I love how this came out! I started with a base of Tara’s Talons Nude on all of my nails, then I applied a gradient to two of them. To the others I used the brush in the bottle to paint out the shape of a cola bottle, and I added in the details with a Barry M Nail Art pen. I haven’t added any top coat to this design. The smell of the polish is just divine – definitely one of my favourite scents from the collection (it’s a strong tie with Liquorice Allsorts)!

models-own-sweet-shop-cola-bottles (3)So there you have all five. To check out the other posts in this collection, just follow the tag Sweet Shop. Which is your favourite?



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  1. This is amazing that is smells like Cola Bottles! I think your cola bottle gradient looks great! (p.s what did you think of the Barry M nail art pen?)

    • Thanks! I LOVE the Barry M nail art pens. They are totally unlike your average nail art pen – they actually write like a real pen – and they’re so much easier to use too. I use them on just about everything now. I wish there were more colours!

      • I know! I loved them at first too, like you said they write so much better than other nail art ‘pens’ but then my black and white started to like crack and split on the nails after I’d painted with them. I didn’t know if this was because they were getting older (and used up) or if they were having a reaction to the base nail polish.

  2. I adore this colour it totally makes a statement whilst staying classy and neutral


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