Spooky Stamping

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Spooky Stamping

It has been a while since I posted! I’ve been moving house, and then not having any space to paint or photograph nails, and there has been all kinds of other boring and stressful stuff. But enough about me, let’s get back to some nails!

I painted this gorgeous gradient as a base for She Sells Seashells graveyard stencils, but they somehow got mislaid in the move. 😦 Instead I used them as a base for some stamping with a new MoYou London Gothic plate – this one is No. 07. How fab (and different) is this cobweb?

October-29-05I appreciate that I could have picked a better base for stamping on, or perhaps a better stamping colour – the image is a bit lost unless you’re looking at a certain light… but I think that adds to the eerie charm. You look at it in just the right light, and…. sparkles!



The observant among you will spot that two of the colours in this gradient are the new Barry M Silk paints – Forest (blue) and Orchid (purple.) I also own Poppy, the red shade in the new releases, and I love them all. The matte finish is just wonderful, and the formula is fab. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any of my matt topcoats so this one has to remain shiny! The yellow polish is from the now discontinued Mardi Gras polishes by Collection. I stamped the design using Konad Black. It’s all topped off with Ciaté Speed Coat Pro.



I don’t do Halloween, but I’ve enjoyed the excuse to try some new and interesting nail art! What do you think of this slightly subtle design? Have you tried the new MoYou London plates? I’ve bought three of the Gothic Plates and I will be using them whether it’s Halloween or not!

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