Last Minute Halloween with Models Own

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Last Minute Halloween with Models Own

It’s Halloween today! Are you ready?! Don’t worry if your nails are still bare, I’ve got TWO really quick ideas for you today!

As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t do Halloween, but I’m going to a gig tonight and it seemed the perfect excuse to adorn my nubbins with something a bit different. As I’ve been watching Dexter for the last several months (just started Season 5, no spoilers!) I really wanted to try out blood spatter!

models-own-diamond-luxe-halloween-blood-spatter-nail-art (2)

Isn’t this cool? It was so fun to do! There are major benefits to wearing false nails, such as no clean up. This makes messy things like splatter really quick. Don’t worry if you paint your own nails (like most other normal people, let’s be honest) though, because you can apply tape to save on clean up.

I started with a base of Models Own Coconut Cream, and then dipped a straw in Models Own Diamond Luxe Marquise Maroon and blew on my nails to get this splattered effect. I couldn’t resist adding a slightly smudged fingerprint too, after seeing this great design by Dahlia Nails last week. This deep red sparkly colour seemed like the perfect thing for looking like slightly dried blood. I love the pale base against my fingers – I can’t wait to show my friends tonight!

models-own-diamond-luxe-halloween-blood-spatter-nail-art (3)

models-own-diamond-luxe-halloween-blood-spatter-nail-art (1)The other design that I tried out earlier this week was born after I saw my bottle of Models Own Toxic Apple just lying around. This luminous green seemed to be crying out to be turned into something slimy. So again I started with a base of Coconut Cream (the off-white works really well) and blobbed on Toxic Apple to create…. these.

models-own-halloween-toxic-apple (1)

These totally remind me of Ghostbusters – Who you gonna call?

Toxic Apple dries to a slightly rubbery finish which looks perfect for this effect! I didn’t top coat either of these designs because I really liked the texture and finish created by the techniques that I used.

Which is your favourite? Are you going out tonight? What’s on your nails?

models-own-halloween-toxic-apple (2)

models-own-diamond-luxe-halloween-blood-spatter-nail-art (4)

models-own-halloween-toxic-apple (3)


3 responses »

  1. the red nails look amazing! what a fantastic idea!

  2. Oh these are PERFECT Dexter bloody nails 🙂

  3. Omg these are absolutely amazing!!! I love both of them, the blood spattered ones are so cool 🙂 I tried my hand at some pumpkin ones! xxx


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