Born Pretty Store Stamping

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Born Pretty Store Stamping

I’m on a bit of a stamping kick lately. I’ve bought so many stamping plates over the last several months that I’m not sure how I’ll ever get through them all! One brand I’d never tried before until recently is Born Pretty Store. Their prices are crazy cheap and I was a bit iffy about whether the quality of their plates would be any good. Well this just in: they’re FAB.

quiz-clothing-stamped-nails (2)

I picked this plate (QA82) specifically because I loved the detailed floral full nail patterns. I bought a gorgeous pink lace dress from Quiz Clothing for a wedding and this design just suited it so well!

quiz-clothing-stamped-nails (1)

quiz-clothing-stamped-nails (3)

born-pretty-store-stamping (3)I started with a base of Happily Ever After by Tara’s Talons and stamped using Konad black. I’ve got a big squishy MoYou London XL Stamper and I use an old loyalty card as a scraper. The images pick up brilliantly – I thought with such a delicate pattern I’d be losing detail but every single one is clear and crisp. In fact, stamping on both hands took me about five minutes once I got going! I’ve never found a stamping plate SO easy.

born-pretty-store-stamping (10)

born-pretty-store-stamping (11)

born-pretty-store-stamping (7)Back in September, Born Pretty Store launched a whole new range of their own branded stamping plates. I ordered on release day and I’m still waiting for them to arrive, but I’m really excited! They’ve got such gorgeous designs on there, and they start from $0.99! Be sure to check them out – I’ll be sure to let you know when mine arrive.

If that wasn’t enough, Born Pretty Store have given me my own discount code. Just enter RTMX31 at the checkout and you’ll get 10% off your order. (I frequently forget to do this.) Plus, as it is currently their anniversary celebrations there are all sorts of things going on, such as a nail art competition, mega discounts on all kinds of stuff, and if you get in there quick enough there are flash sales of items at $0.01!

Have you tried any Born Pretty Store stamping plates before? What did you think?

born-pretty-store-stamping (9)

born-pretty-store-stamping (6)

born-pretty-store-stamping (1)




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  1. wow these look amazing! im definitely going to have to try this out, it seems like an easy way to get amazingly professional nails! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. I have this same plate and I do love it. Most of the plates I own from QA series have been amazing.

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