Fairytale Pastel Stamping

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Fairytale Pastel Stamping

I’d hoped that when I finally posted back in February I was back but it was not to be – life has just been too hectic! I have something for you today, and it is stamping. My stamping plate collection has exploded over the last several months, as has my stamper collection… but more on that another time. When I picked up a few of the most recent Barry M offerings, the Speedy Dry collection, there was one plate that jumped right out at me and begged to be paired with them:

barry-m-speedy-stamping-xiuya-13 (7)

I have a confession to make here – the plate that this design comes from is MoYou London Fairytale Collection 02, but I’ve got a copycat plate from eBay called Xiuya-13. I’m not sure how I feel about direct copies as it’s taking money away from the people with the awesome ideas and of course the quality isn’t as good, but I was curious at the time. This plate is not as great as MoYou London, with no backing (and sharp edges) but as you can see, the design isn’t too bad.

barry-m-speedy-stamping-xiuya-13 (4)

barry-m-speedy-stamping-xiuya-13 (10)

How cute are these designs though? This was my first attempt with a “buffet” plate – one that is just one big image – and it took me a while to get the hang of it, but I love that you can really mix and match your images! My base colours here are Barry M Speedy Dry in Road Rage (green) and Eat My Dust (blue.) The glitter accents are Southern Lights by Models Own and the pastel studs are from Born Pretty Store (use my code RTMX31 for 10% off your order). I stamped using Models Own White Light. My topcoat is HK Girl Glisten & Glow.

barry-m-speedy-stamping-xiuya-13 (5)

barry-m-speedy-stamping-xiuya-13 (6)

barry-m-speedy-stamping-xiuya-13 (3)What do you think? Would you buy copycat plates? And what do you think of “buffet” style stamping plates? It’s nice to be back again!

barry-m-speedy-stamping-xiuya-13 (2)

barry-m-speedy-stamping-xiuya-13 (9)


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  1. Looking forward to seeing all of your new stamping goodies : ) (live vicariously through you ; ))

    This is gorgeous with the soft mint and the glitter, I like it!

    I’ve never tried buffet plates, and I always avoid them when shopping – I just don’t think I’d like them… Using them. Never tried though! : P


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