From The Vault: Double Half Moons

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From The Vault: Double Half Moons

So in amongst working on the 31 Day Challenge for this year (I realise everyone else did this in September, but life has a way of not giving me a break and I’m still doing it!) I’ve been reorganising my picture folders. It turns out I have a lot of really cool designs I never got around to posting. I’m not in the habit of wasting work so I’ll be sharing them with you anyway! Here is one from last year’s 31 Day Challenge that never made it as far as the blog. The theme was Half Moons.


The silver base for this design is A Phil’s Paradise, from the Modern Family collection by Nicole by OPI. I bought 9 Nicole by OPI polishes in a groupon deal for not a lot of money and the colours are gorgeous! A Phil’s Paradise is a spangly silver which is not quite glitter, not quite metallic and not remotely streaky. It’s lush.



On three of my nails I then applied hole reinforcers and the beautiful Rara by Tara’s Talons. This was from the box Little Tara Loved and the colours were so cute and girly (and not the kind of thing I usually get in to, honest.) On the other two nails the darker purple is Max Factor Lilac Lace. I added a second half moon by applying another hole reinforcer partway up the nail once the first two colours were dry and then applying the third colour to each nail. Lastly I added some purple studs from Born Pretty Store (They’re item 3955 and you can find them here. Use my discount code RTMX31 for 10% off!) It’s all finished off with HK Girl Glisten & Glow top coat.

To find more posts from the 2014 31 Day Challenge just follow the tags at the bottom of the post or click here.



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