31 Day Challenge 2015 Day 1: Red

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31 Day Challenge 2015 Day 1: Red

Traditionally the 31 Day Challenge happens in September – this is when everyone else did it. I too did it, after a fashion. I more or less kept up with the actual nail designing from day to day – I just didn’t manage to post any blogs on the subject. I’ve done too much lovely work to hide it all away though, so as of today I’m having my only little 31DC2015. I hope you don’t mind!

31-day-challenge-2015-day-1-red-spider-man-esmaltes-de-kelly (2)

A few things have happened over the last year I’ve been awful at blogging. One is that my collection of polishes and stamping plates has exploded (I think I’ve passed the 500 mark on polishes, and I have no idea about plates.) The other thing is that I’ve started spending a bit more on really nice polishes. The last time I posted my most expensive polish it came in at £6.85. Now I own several that come in at just under £10. The reason for this is Rainbow Connection, purveyor of international indies of distinction.

This sparkly beauty is from the Superhero collection by Esmaltes da Kelly, a Brazillian brand best known for making awesome stamping polishes. As soon as I saw these adorable bottles I knew I had to have as many of the Marvel polishes as I could afford! You’ll see a few more as the month wears on but today I’ve used Spider Man:

31-day-challenge-2015-day-1-red-spider-man-esmaltes-de-kelly (4)31-day-challenge-2015-day-1-red-spider-man-esmaltes-de-kelly (1)The red creme I’ve used on the other nails is Lipstick by So Susan, and I used a sponge to add some texture using Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Cherry Drop. The stamping is a nod to the glitter polish being inspired by Spider Man, and I used plate VL 013 from Vivid Lacquer, stamped using Konad Black (my old faithful.) I didn’t add any topcoat because I didn’t want to lose the finish from the Sugar Coat polish and I like the matte spider webs against the shiny creme!. I’m not convinced by this overall look but I’m like to experiment. 😉

Tomorrow’s theme is Orange and I’ll be back with another post! Be sure to follow the tag #31DC2015 on the blog and my instagram to see my overall progress. If you didn’t join in, it’s not too late… I hope.

31-day-challenge-2015-day-1-red-spider-man-esmaltes-de-kelly (3) 31dc2015-

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  1. Awesome nails! I love that Spiderman bottle. Must go and have a look at that collection! And I like that you tied you nails in with the Spiderman theme.

    I may well have a go at the 31dc2015 at some point before the end of the year! The prompts look good 🙂


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