31 Day Challenge 2015 Day 2: Orange

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31 Day Challenge 2015 Day 2: Orange

Oh boy, editing orange photographs is horrible. I swear it has taken me longer to edit these pictures than it took me to actually paint the design. Ugh. I’m glad today is over!

31-day-challenge-day-2015-orange-lacquer-lust-ruffian (2)

That being said, I like this design. It’s simple yet effective. And it’s probably the only design you’ll see this month that doesn’t involve stamping. šŸ˜‰

The base of this design is Sunkissed by Lacquer Lust (I’m pretty sure I bought this in a blog sale!)Ā It’s a muted orange with a subtle holo to it which I singularly failed to pick up in my images. (This post by Lacquerologist captures it a bit better!) I used french tip guides from Born Pretty Store to paint the ruffian and this lush deeper orange is Riveting from the Hunger Games Collection by China Glaze. (You can find the tip guides here – be sure to use my discount code RTMX31 to get 10% off!)

31-day-challenge-day-2015-orange-lacquer-lust-ruffian (4)31-day-challenge-day-2015-orange-lacquer-lust-ruffian (5)

I don’t think this design really needed the studs but I like the little pop that they give. These particular black studs were in a nail art pen I picked up from Primark a few years ago. It’s all topcoated with HK Girl Glisten & Glow.

Tomorrow’s theme is Yellow. Be sure to follow the tagĀ #31DC2015 on theĀ blog and my instagram to see my overall progress.

31-day-challenge-day-2015-orange-lacquer-lust-ruffian (3)

31-day-challenge-day-2015-orange-lacquer-lust-ruffian (1)


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