31 Day Challenge 2015 Day 3: Yellow

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31 Day Challenge 2015 Day 3: Yellow

I buy a lot of polish and associated things from the Facebook group UK Only Polish & Beauty Swaps and Sales. I picked up a load of packets of fimo slices and I’ve been itching to use them for ages. For the yellow nail prompt I borrowed an idea for cocktail nails that I really, really liked from Glowstars last year and came up with these – glasses of fizzy lemonade!

31-day-challenge-2015-day-3-yellow-china-glaze-sunshine-pop (3)

I only used one colour for this design, technically – Sunshine Pop by China Glaze (which I also bought from the facebook group, incidentally – Debbie Crumpet has so much to answer for! ;)). I then got experimental with a special polish I bought when I was in the Netherlands (although you can probably get it in the UK!) – Pastel Ombré Top Coat by Essence.

31-day-challenge-2015-day-3-yellow-china-glaze-sunshine-pop (4) 31-day-challenge-2015-day-3-yellow-china-glaze-sunshine-pop (2)

The idea with the Ombré Topcoat is that you apply it over whatever polish you like to lighten it and the more coats you apply, the stronger the effect is. In order to create a true ombré you’d apply the same polish on all nails and then apply one coat of topcoat to one nail, two to the next, three to the next, four to the last. Dahlia Nails showed this to good effect in this post.

I’ve essentially just created a gradient using it by applying one coat to two thirds of the nail, then another coat to half, and another coat to the top third and so on. It avoided using a sponge, I suppose! I think this polish would work a lot better with a darker colour – I’ll be sure to experiment some more at a later date!

I’m not sure where I got the caviar from anymore – I tend to pick things up all over the place – I think this particular shade is from a pack I bought in a pound shop. I like that I found so many different types of fruit which are all yellow! These were very fun to create.

Tomorrow’s theme is Green. Be sure to follow the tag #31DC2015 on the blog and my instagram to see my overall progress!

31-day-challenge-2015-day-3-yellow-china-glaze-sunshine-pop (1)


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