31 Day Challenge 2015 Day 5: Blue

31 Day Challenge 2015 Day 5: Blue

Things went a bit mad after I posted Day 4 and I’ve not been very well but I’m not giving up. The plate I used for Day 5 is probably the closest thing to perfect I’ve ever own. I own hundreds of plates but if I had to choose only a few that I could keep this would definitely be on the list (along with Apipila Plate B – you’ll see that one soon, I promise!) This is Messy Mansion MM48 and it is the plate which started my love affair with Rainbow Connection.

31-day-challenge-2015-day-5-blue-glisten-glow-messy-mansion-mm48 (2)

The detail on this plate is phenomenal – it is SO intricate. For quality of details, I haven’t found any other plate manufacturer quite as reliable as Messy Mansion – the more difficult bit is finding a polish which doesn’t spread when you stamp it so that you can retain them all! I stuck with my old faithful here – Konad Black (bought on Amazon many moons ago).

31-day-challenge-2015-day-5-blue-glisten-glow-messy-mansion-mm48 (3)

31-day-challenge-2015-day-5-blue-glisten-glow-messy-mansion-mm48 (1)

Seriously, I wish I had a macro lens so I could properly show you the beauty of this stamp. Even with my muck up on my middle finger. Anyway, other polishes used here (i.e. the actual blue bit.) I’m fairly certain this gorgeous creme is Models Own Blue Skies, from the Festival collection. There is an outside chance it’s DJ Blue My Mind from the Electric Nights collection by China Glaze. To my shame, I don’t quite remember, and they are very similar! The holo blue is Glisten & Glow You’ve Been HAZED. It’s quite a subtle holo, in my opinion, but there’s a chance I’m just really not good at photographing it. As usual, it’s all topped with Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

Tomorrow’s theme is Violet. Be sure to follow the tag #31DC2015 on the blog and my instagram to see my overall progress!

31-day-challenge-2015-day-5-blue-glisten-glow-messy-mansion-mm48 (5)

31-day-challenge-2015-day-5-blue-glisten-glow-messy-mansion-mm48 (4)


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