31 Day Challenge 2015 Day 4: Green

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31 Day Challenge 2015 Day 4: Green

Behold! Since last I posted stamping decals I’ve worked out how to do them properly.

31-day-challenge-2015-day-4-green-etos-CK-25 (1)

Remember last year when I posted these and these and moaned about how difficult they were to work with? It turns out, there is such a thing as using the wrong tools for the job. When making stamping decals, you need a top coat which is pliable when you remove them from whatever you’re making them on. HK Girl Glisten & Glow, whilst it is a fabulous quick drying top coat, is not pliable and not very good for making decals. I’ve been through many, many topcoats in the last few months trying to find one that works! Thankfully, someone put me on to Miss Sporty Lasting Colour Polish in Clear. It’s fabulous. And having discovered that making stamping decals is awesome, now I want to put them on *everything*.

31-day-challenge-2015-day-4-green-etos-CK-25 (3)

Yeah, I still need a bit of practice. šŸ˜‰ The plainĀ green is the beautiful Green Fields from the Festival collection by Models Own. The glitter green is another polish I picked up in the Netherlands, this one from a Dutch pharmacy/drugstore chain called Etos. This polish is called Cupcake and it’s SO cute! The frogs and the flowers are from a cute plate I bought on eBay. Turns out, the plate is a knock-off dupe of MyOnlineShop MJ XIIĀ (I suggest you buy the proper one instead). I stamped ’em on a silicone mat using Konad black and filled them in using China Glaze Riveting andĀ Plur-ple. It’s all finished off with HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat.

Tomorrow’s theme is Blue. Be sure to follow the tagĀ #31DC2015 on theĀ blog and my instagram to see my overall progress!

31-day-challenge-2015-day-4-green-etos-CK-25 (2)31dc2015-

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