Movember Manicure!

Movember Manicure!

I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to have my nails done at The Cove in Exeter last week. I’d never had a manicure before so this was such a treat! The Cove are offering a special Movember Manicure for November. For £15 you get a file and polish and a moustache decal and £2 goes towards the Movember cause. Why should the blokes get to have all the fun, right? If you post a picture of your Movember manicure on their facebook site then you have the chance to win a manicure, 30 minute facial and wax!

With my nails flawlessly rounded, I chose a baby pink from the gorgeous selection of vinylux polishes. Whilst pink is not a favourite colour of mine, I wanted pink nails for my sister’s baby shower on Saturday. We even found a really cute shimmery polish to coat over the top.


I’m quite self conscious about my little nails but with them filed down this short they don’t seem to look as odd to me. When it comes to nail art I much prefer having the larger canvas of false nails to play around with (you may have noticed!) but for this simple manicure they look perfect!

The Cove is a really sweet little place (next to Carluccio’s and the Post Office in Princesshay) and I had a giggle over a cup of tea going through their box of handmade poppies – I’ve been after a nice one for ages! I really enjoyed my little pampering session and I hope to go back to The Cove at some point in the future!

And because I just couldn’t resist doing this…..

2013-11-07 19.41.25

More Movember manicures coming up later this week!

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  1. Getting a mani is awesome, provided it’s a well done one, yours looks great!


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