Tri-Polish Tuesday #2: Blue, Yellow & Pink

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Tri-Polish Tuesday #2: Blue, Yellow & Pink

Another Tuesday, another inventive way to use three very bright colours. Today I have outdone myself:

tri-polish-tuesday-two-april-pink-yellow-blue (2)I can’t take total credit for this design – it was largely inspired by this tutorial by The Little Canvas, although I didn’t do quite what she did, as you can see. Last month I was totally taken in by MoYou’s Pro XL Plate 1 after I saw a stamp on Lucy’s Stash (I can’t find the post now, unfortunately). A new and easy way to do stripes without all that tape? Yes please!

I am not great a getting stamps on straight yet, so instead I made these as decals – I started by painting some rectangles of clear polish on a plastic sheet. When it was dry I stamped the rectangles with Models Own Blue Glint. When the decals were dry I peeled them off and cut out the gap needed so that my flowers would show through – I did those freehand onto my the nails. This was a bit fiddly but I’m not very practised at it yet and I’m sure you’ll agree that the result is fab!

tri-polish-tuesday-two-april-pink-yellow-blue (3)

tri-polish-tuesday-two-april-pink-yellow-blue (1)As per last week, my three polishes are Nails Inc Notting Hill Carnival, Rimmel Pop Your Pink and Models Own Blue Glint. I used a black nail art pen for the flowering detail and my top coat is by George at Asda. I really like how this has turned out!

tri-polish-tuesday-two-april-pink-yellow-blue (5)

tri-polish-tuesday-two-april-pink-yellow-blue (4)


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  1. Very cute! And your freehanded roses are just adorable!

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