The Neverending Pile Challenge: Pastel

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: Pastel

I think a key theme of my untried collection may turn out to be Indies – I’m shocked at myself that I have these gorgeous handmade polishes that never seem to make it onto the blog! This polish isn’t technically an untried – as you’ll see later I’ve already used half of it! But I have never featured it here, and that’s my criteria for posting. *nods* I present to you – Nelly Polish.

April_056Unfortunately I don’t have a name for this beautiful polish (there wasn’t one on the bottle and I couldn’t find it in the store). I’m part of the British Nail Bloggers Facebook group and Hilary, the lady who runs Nelly Polish posted an amazing picture of LOTS of little sample bottles. She offered us a great deal for four of them, which I was very keen to get on board with! This is one of them. This is a fabulous pale teal/powdery blue, matt polish with very fine glitter in it. It applies like a dream and it stays on really well… It is just brilliant.


April_058As mentioned on Monday, I’m determined to get through as many stickers and things as I can during this challenge – these little butterflies are from Born Pretty Store. I was intrigued by their Lucky Bag offer – 3 things for $0.99! You’d be mad not to. And I got a load of these great little stickers. As you can see they don’t stick amazingly well, but I wanted to keep this design matt so I topcoated them with George Matt Topcoat to see if it’d work. I think I’ll stick with glossy topcoats for sealing in stickers in future!


Check out what other untried Pastel polishes people are blogging about today!

The next theme on Friday 11th is a Random Untried! Why not join in?

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  1. Love it all! Those butterflies are so pretty

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